7 Trendy Wedding Themes

Posted on September 16th, 2016

These days, couples are having more fun with their weddings than ever before, making their ceremonies and receptions a true reflection of their values and personalities.

And while the “traditional” wedding is still quite popular, there are some fun and exciting wedding themes that are gaining steam this year—and are expected to be just as popular in 2017.

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding and looking for a theme that you, your partner, and your guests will love, here are some wedding theme ideas worth considering.

For the nature lovers out there, a garden-style wedding can be a beautiful choice. Consider, for example, a wooden arch decorated with wildflowers and tons of greenery—a perfect idea if you’re craving an outdoor ceremony in the forest but simply don’t want to be outdoors. Don’t forget, either—taking your wedding pictures outdoors in a place like Weltz Park or Joe Palaia Park can provide you the green you need. Just be sure to have umbrellas ready to keep you and your guests dry in the event of inclement weather!

Rustic chic weddings are also among the most popular wedding themes, especially when it comes to wedding themes for summer and fall. Imagine a barn- or farmyard-style ceremony and reception with a cool, kitchsy atmosphere and eclectic decorations, then bring the barn indoors at a place like Buona Sera Palazzo. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a couple of hay bales, or mason jars filled with fresh seasonal flowers as simple yet fitting centerpieces. Finally, make sure the lucky couple wears cowboy hats for the first dance.

“Old-school” or retro couples can’t go wrong with a vintage/antique-style wedding. You and your partner can have tons of fun scoping out local antique shops and rummage sales, looking for the perfect decorations for your special day. Consider choosing a specific era (Victorian-style wedding themes are very popular, for example) and then select authentic music and decor to go with it.

Whimsical Fairytale
Been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a child watching Disney movies? If so, then a whimsical fairytale wedding theme could be a beautiful choice. Imagine getting married in a grand manor or even inside a castle, then work to transform your wedding venue with candelabras, footmen, and more. For an added touch, consider leaving the venue for the hotel in a horse-drawn carriage.

Casual Beach
You may not be lucky enough to consider a destination wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach to you. Picture lots of white and pastel colors, a beautiful arch in front of the ocean, and the sound of waves lapping against the shore as you say your “I dos” in front of your loved ones. And go ahead—kick off your shoes if you like. Barefoot is where it’s at for this wedding theme.

Nerdy/Pop Culture
We’re beginning to see more and more couples use their wedding as an opportunity to showcase a shared interest in movies, music, books, or other aspects of pop culture. From Star Wars and Harry Potter themed weddings to sport and literary themes, if you and your partner share a love for something (no matter how nerdy it may be), go for it! You can have so much fun with this kind of wedding theme, and the possibilities are endless.

Of course, the “traditional” wedding isn’t going anywhere and still remains one of the most popular wedding theme choices for today’s couples. Say your vows in a lovely church or chapel before making your way over to Buona Sera Palazzo for dinner, drinks, and dancing. Don’t forget: even with a more traditional wedding, you can still add your own personal touches here and there!

These are just some of the most popular wedding themes we’re seeing this year—and that we anticipate seeing well into 2017. Perhaps these gave you some inspiration for planning your own wedding.

And no matter what you have in mind—the trendiest of trendy wedding themes or the most traditional—Buona Sera Catering is here to help you pull off the perfect wedding.

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